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A Short Photographic Trip To Norway

A view from Floyen

Bergen, Norway

From Floyen

So, a quick visit to a one place they regard one of the rainiest in Europe, you wouldn't have thought this much of a sensible choice for a short photographic trip, least of all on a bank holiday weekend...

Well, soon surprised after a burst of welcoming rainfall, we managed to time ourselves well - with the sun making an uncharacteristic appearance for longer than is typical.

Bergen itself is only a couple of hours from the UK, chosen by us as a location due to it's waterfront, history, and quaintness. Not so much for it's expense and weather, but actually we were proving to be lucky with both...

Bergen, Norway

Bergen, Norway

View from the fjords

My brother and I are both photographers, and we travel often to both common and the lesser travelled places in Europe and beyond. Whilst his style is to shoot for stock, I shoot for difference and simply my eye.

In a short 4 days, we covered the usual treks from the harbour and the historic Bryggen area of old housing that is now a complex of small companies, coffee shops and outlets, to getting ourselves as high up as we could - using the Floibanen to Floyen, and the chairlift to Mount Ulriken.

Our trip to Ulriken allowed us to trek the mountain, which was done slightly blind, but thankfully our 3G signal helped us out of a spot! From here, we ad great views over Bergen and the surrounding areas, and a memorable hike to the bottom, which took a good few hours.

Other highlights were the Sognefjord in a Nutshell trip, which was self-guided, and took us up to Myrdal, where the mountains still had feet of snow covering them, but the melt created waterfalls down the sides. From here, the famous Flam railway took us to Flam before a 5 hour cruise slotted us happily back into Bergen harbour in time for tea.

Bergen, Norway

Bergen, Norway

Mount Ulriken

It seems we were lucky with the weather, and similarly to London, the very glimpse of sunshine brings out the whole town :)


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