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Caffeinated Creations

Brewing up some visual interest...


After meeting at the London Coffee Festival in London's Truman Gallery this year, we created a series of Summer drinks recipe videos for Espresso Warehouse and Matthew Algie.

This series of six videos were targeted at creators rather than for public engagement, namely those making and selling these caffeinated concoctions rather than those buying and consuming them. So, we had to find a balance between visual interest and useful instruction.

We mixed and matched lighting styles, background, props and music to create the right tone to sell each individual recipe, while ensuring they all worked together as a set. We filmed in 4K, and delivered in HD, which gave us the ability to add additional movement and craft during the edit process.

"Working with Steven and the team made the project really easy. Good planning and communication meant we completed the filming in a single day and the videos were edited until we were satisfied the following week. The team were helpful, professional and patient throughout and we are very pleased with the results. We look forward to working together again soon."

Jill Wotherspoon, Brand and Communications Manager

Check out the videos below, and keep an eye out for the next set arriving later this year!

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