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Clarity And Sparkle

Shooting diamonds at Forevermark UK

For one day we got to live out the fantasy of spending the day around millions of dollars of diamonds.

Forevermark, a diamond brand under the De Beers Group, was launching in the UK and had asked us to cover an events day back in the summer of '15. The task was to create a range of images for social media, delivered over the course of the day - so we set up shop on location with the intention to shoot and edit as we go.

Time and quality were both paramount, in many ways, the quality of the products almost made themselves easy to capture, but there's a knack to diamonds that means getting the light exactly right. But we couldn't treat this as a controlled product shoot, so we worked with the angles of light that we had.

Having to capture so much in one go meant being a bit tricksy, and we employed a variety of techniques ranging from wearable cameras for the presenters, to giving our new Lytro light field camera a run-out for some more unique imagery. You can have a look at these in the video below:

The environment was fairly heavily locked-down (as you would if you had lots of diamonds running all over the place) - and although the finer details of what makes a great diamond are slightly lost on me, they certainly weren't for much of the interested audience.

The product shots were achieved using our incredibly sharp macro lens which focuses close and fills the frame - with a really shallow depth of field to isolate the details and cause slightly unpredictable but unique light effects.

For me, one of the hardest parts of the day was fending off texts from my girlfriend, desperate for a peek at the sparkles.

For the client? Well, we left them at the end of the day, painstakingly counting each and every one.

"It's been excellent working together with Steven. Throughout our project he delivered first class imagery within a very quick turnaround. Equally as important, Steven and his team are both affable and professional which contributed to the success of the event. Warm recommendations."  Lisa Levinson, Country Manager Forevermark, HRA Group.



A Creative Director and Digital Photographer, based in London. I specialise in being versatile, creating images - moving and still - for some of the largest companies in the UK: from startups to small businesses and amazing individuals.
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