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Don't Play With Your Food

The only shoot where we've eaten the leftover props...

We had he idea for Don't Play With Your Food a few years back, when we were dreaming up ways of generating visually unique imagery that had a sense of fun and enjoyment about it. We were offered the use of an Italian villa out in the Tuscan hills for a few days, and thought it would be a great opportunity to make the most of a great location.

Part of our challenge was going at this a little unplanned. We sourced local models and bought local produce for the props, and a talented up-and-coming makeup artist. A little daunting, but amazingly exciting!

Our first job was to explore the amazing grounds, which contained an old amphitheatre, two pools, acres of outdoor space, and what felt like acres of indoor space, with rich wooden fittings. making some quick decisions, we married up interesting spots: overgrown trees, a wood cutting station, rustic furniture and gardens. It was hard to narrow it all down, and there were so many spots we had to forego.

Then we matched the styling and make-up to the food. Food was chosen in most instances either for its vibrant colour, odd shape, or the ability to fly! I love to create motion where I can, and some of these worked brilliantly in their own unpredictable ways.

The models we worked with were great, despite the language barrier (!) which might have saved me from the embarrassment of directions such as "now blow pepper into my face" and "catch the lettuce!".

What I think we've managed to create here is a series of shots that a worth an extra look, and as a team, we're looking forward to the next series (coming soon!).

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A Creative Director and Digital Photographer, based in London. I specialise in being versatile, creating images - moving and still - for some of the largest companies in the UK: from startups to small businesses and amazing individuals.
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