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Our Year In Weddings

Weddings were big for us in 2015

Actually, 2015 was our biggest year of weddings to date. It’s interesting looking back and revisiting those client photo galleries and spotting the trends – both what clients wanted also what made them the happiest.

For us, it wasn’t the typical big moments: the arrival, the first kiss or the formals that delivered those stand-out split seconds. It was the small details that mattered big time: the flowers, the décor, and against tradition for us – the slightly more posed. Or as we like to call them, naturally posed. Amongst the freneticism off the day, that half hour we get to spend with our clients to give them some time out and capture something really unique to them is priceless.


What has mattered to our couples is making their wedding their own, and photographically we’ve worked hard to find the best of the locations and those small features that differentiate one wedding to another. There’s a huge thing in making sure that your wedding doesn’t look like everyone elses.

Something else that’s made an impact this last year is colouring – monochrome mixed into a colour gallery has brought out some key moments, and more specific lower saturation and vintage styles have provided that final finesse.

So what does 2016 have in store? More video, 360 degree imagery, and innovating with the latest camera equipment. It’s a privilege to be able to bring the craft we love into making one of the biggest days of someone’s life.

Take a look at our gallery of stand-out moments of 2015 – some of the images that meant the most to us.

We would love your feedback and shares if you like what you see.

Our Moments


A Creative Director and Digital Photographer, based in London. I specialise in being versatile, creating images - moving and still - for some of the largest companies in the UK: from startups to small businesses and amazing individuals.
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