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Special Snacks

Flying high with snack company NibNibs


One of our most exciting shoots of the year so far goes to snack company NibNibs. We fell in love with these guys and approached them to produce some creative imagery at the end of last year, and it turns out we were just what they were looking for.

Our challenge was to find a suitable location to shoot their airline snacks, but finding an aircraft in the right place and at the right place wasn't going to be easy. After some searching and some recommendations, we found a gem of a place in Berkshire. This location has been used for many films and provide both aircraft interiors and built sets in which you can shoot.

behind the scenes

So, we rocked along to the airfield one cold morning, armed with boxes of snacks, and a bear named Robo (the new product mascot), Emma (our model) and plenty of coffee! We made the most of a very short window of time and captured a variety of pack shots and interactions between Emma and Robo.

"After two years of searching for someone that could help with our unusual project we contacted Steven and he understood what was required immediately. From the challenge of finding a suitable location, creative input and direction, keeping us in the loop and bear handling! Steven and his team surpassed all expectations. I would recommend Steven Mayatt’s services to anyone who wants to achieve first class results with a true professional."

Darren Everitt and Susan Dixon, Directors, NibNibs

The results have been used extensively to support the brand, and we have since gone on to create product images for NibNib's new packaging as well.


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