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The King of Coconuts

Our shoot for Jeeva Natural UK


King coconuts were the star of the day on our latest shoot with Jeeva Natural and their premium ranges of Organic King coconut water and coconut oils. Their requirements are split between top-down lifestyle-based imagery with supporting props and ingredients, to isolated single product shots of the full family.

We started with the top-downs, getting more creative as the juices (or waters!) flowed, breaking coconuts on the concrete outside before placing the right sides in view. Whilst the shoot has taken many days to plan, there's no real planning for being taken by the moment and getting the angles, shapes and textures to play together through the lens of the camera. What's for sure is that the product has to sit front and centre, with the supporting cast of the ingredients and props leading your eye to the right elements within the frame. It's a little painstaking, moving items sometimes millimetres at a time, but we enjoy this - it's like playtime for creatives!


We also take the opportunity to grab some additional imagery on a second camera outside so that we can provide additional material for use within social media at a later date.

"I can't believe I hadn't heard of these guys before, normally when I go to a shoot I get these 'butterfly' feelings in my stomach but I feel comfortable here that they know what they are doing. They're beautiful shots, thank you and your team for being such a great artist!"

Bhavi Kanadia, Jeeva Natural UK

You can see a selection of the results below.


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