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As high quality content creators, a large proportion of our imagery and video is destined for use in social media campaigns, whether they be for food producers, product designers, or individuals trying to build their own brands.

We have recently expanded our range of services to provide social media management in addition to content creation. We work by understanding your business, brand values, and your target audience. Our offering can start with setting up your new channels from scratch, or taking the reigns from the progress you've already made. 

Typically, clients who entrust us to manage their accounts will have a set of content created for them at the start of the process, which may be photographic, video or a mix of both. This new content is then released over a month at a time. We'll combine your new content with additionally curated content that supports your brand values, working alongside a plan for audience growth. This is all done by hand, rather than being automated by robots, and is fully collaborative.

You can see an example of visual content created for our clients at Burlingham London. This has formed the core of a 3 month social media campaign, which has included multiple channels, managed competitions, and paid advertising.

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We're a great fit for new and emerging brands looking to get themselves out there!

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